Todo List

Global _QofBook::book_open
shouldn't this be replaced by the instance editlevel ?

Global _QofBook::shutting_down
shouldn't shutting_down be replaced by instance->do_free?

Global _QofBook::backend
allow book to lookup session and then backend.

Class QofDate_s
check - years work like this, days don't!! Only qd_year retains a negative value once set. Adding one year to a negative QofDate causes the QofDate to be set to one year further into the past. This follows the same pattern as typical BC dates: the 1st of May 501BC is further into the past than the 5th of May 500BC.

Class QofDate_s
Reorganise the qof_time_* functions to reflect this statement. qof_time_set_day_end should be qof_date_set_day_end and the various qof_date_time functions need to be reviewed.

Class QsfNodeIterate
resolve the two callbacks in qsf_node_iterate into one.

Global build_kvp_table
improve error checking support in case the SQLite data is tweaked manually.

Global delete_event
delete records from QSQL_KVP_TABLE with this GUID

Global kvp_value_to_qof_type_helper
reconcile the duplication with the QSF version

Global record_foreach
need a KVP version to load data into the slots

Global sql_to_kvp_helper
reconcile the duplication with the QSF version

Global string_to_kvp_value
reconcile the duplication with the QSF version

enum is an attempt to make enumerator values descriptive in the maps and QSF (possibly). Not working yet.

Global QsfValidCB
The need for separate metadata means a separate callback typedef is needed for the validator, but this should be fixed to only need one.

Global qsf_map_prepare_list
Automate this once map support is stable

Global kvp_value_get_gint64
kvp_value_get_ functions need to set QofError so that users can check that a NULL or zero value is actually a real value and not an error result.

Global KvpValueType
In the long run, this could be synchronised with the core QOF types, which in turn may or may not be synced to the GValue types in GLib. The QOF types currently unsupported are KVP_TYPE_GLIST and KVP_TYPE_BINARY.

Global qof_time_to_dmy
Remove GDate limits and use QofDate.

Global qof_time_get_current_start
move to a private header; used by qofdate.c and test-date.c

Global qof_time_get_current
use to replace qof_time_get_current_start

Global qof_time_set_day_middle
remove GDate limits.

Global qof_time_set_day_start
remove GDate limits.

Global qof_time_set_day_end
remove GDate limits.

Global qof_time_last_mday
remove GDate limits.

Group BookMerge
Prior to libqof2 rationalise internal variable names.

Group Date
Add support for customised handlers for added formats.

Global qof_date_format_add
Move to QofDate and qofgmtime_r

rationalise with MAX_DATE_LENGTH

Global qof_session_save
check the access_method too, not in scope here, yet.

Group QSF

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