test-engine-stuff.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This file declares testing functions for the engine.

Definition in file test-engine-stuff.h.

#include "config.h"
#include <glib.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "qofquery.h"
#include "qoftime.h"
#include "qofbook.h"
#include "qofsession.h"

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Data Structures

struct  bin_data


enum  TestQueryTypes { RANDOM_QT = 0, SIMPLE_QT = 1 << 0, GUID_QT = 1 << 5, ALL_QT = (1 << 8) - 1 }


Timespecget_random_timespec (void)
void random_timespec_zero_nsec (gboolean zero_nsec)
void random_timespec_usec_resolution (gboolean usec_resolution)
KvpValueget_random_kvp_value (gint type)
bin_data * get_random_binary_data (void)
KvpFrameget_random_kvp_frame (void)
QofNumeric get_random_qof_numeric (void)
GUID * get_random_guid (void)
GList * get_random_glist (void)
void random_glist_strings_only (gboolean strings_only)
void kvp_exclude_type (KvpValueType kvp_type)
void set_max_kvp_depth (gint max_kvp_depth)
void set_max_kvp_frame_elements (gint max_kvp_frame_elements)
QofQueryget_random_query (void)
TestQueryTypes get_random_query_type (void)
QofBookget_random_book (void)
QofSession * get_random_session (void)

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