_QofParam Struct Reference
[Class: Getting and setting entity values.]

#include <qofclass.h>

Detailed Description

This structure is for each queriable parameter in an object

-- param_name is the name of the parameter. -- param_type is the type of the parameter, which can be either another object (QofIdType) or it can be a core data type (QofType). -- param_getfcn is the function to actually obtain the parameter -- param_setfcn is the function to actually set the parameter -- param_userdata is a place where the object author can place any desired object-author-defined data (and thus can be used by the author-defined setter/getter).

Either the getter or the setter may be NULL.

XXX todo/fixme: need to define a destroy callback, so that when the param memory is freed, the callback can be used to release the user-defined data.

Definition at line 168 of file qofclass.h.

Data Fields

const gchar * param_name
QofType param_type
QofAccessFunc param_getfcn
QofSetterFunc param_setfcn
gpointer param_userdata

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