qofundo.h File Reference

Detailed Description

QOF undo handling.

Copyright (c) 2005,2006 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>

Definition in file qofundo.h.

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#define QOF_MOD_UNDO   "qof-undo"


void qof_undo_set_param (QofEntity *ent, const QofParam *param, gchar *value)
 Set a value in this parameter of the entity.
void qof_undo_modify (QofInstance *inst, const QofParam *param)
void qof_undo_commit (QofInstance *inst, const QofParam *param)
void qof_undo_create (QofInstance *inst)
void qof_undo_delete (QofInstance *inst)
void qof_book_clear_undo (QofBook *book)
 Free the entire undo list for this book.
void qof_book_undo (QofBook *book)
 Set parameter values from before the previous event.
void qof_book_redo (QofBook *book)
 Set parameter values from after the previous event.
gboolean qof_book_can_undo (QofBook *book)
 event handler for undo widget
gboolean qof_book_can_redo (QofBook *book)
 event handler for redo widget
void qof_book_start_operation (QofBook *book, gchar *label)
 Start recording operation.
void qof_book_end_operation (QofBook *book)
 End recording the current operation.
QofTimeqof_book_undo_first_modified (QofBook *book)
 HIG compliance aid to report time of first change.
gint qof_book_undo_count (QofBook *book)
 Number of undo operations available.

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