qofsession.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Encapsulates a connection to a backend (persistent store).

Copyright (c) 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 Linas Vepstas <linas@linas.org>

Copyright (c) 2000 Dave Peticolas

Copyright (c) 2005 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>

Definition in file qofsession.h.

#include "qofbackend.h"
#include "qofbook.h"
#include "qofclass.h"
#include "qofobject.h"

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#define QOF_MOD_SESSION   "qof-session"
#define QOF_STDOUT   "file:"
 Allow session data to be printed to stdout.


typedef struct _QofSession QofSession
typedef void(* QofPercentageFunc )(const gchar *message, gdouble percent)


QofSession * qof_session_new (void)
void qof_session_destroy (QofSession *session)
void qof_session_swap_data (QofSession *session_1, QofSession *session_2)
void qof_session_begin (QofSession *session, const gchar *book_id, gboolean ignore_lock, gboolean create_if_nonexistent)
void qof_session_load (QofSession *session, QofPercentageFunc percentage_func)
void qof_session_add_book (QofSession *session, QofBook *book)
QofBookqof_session_get_book (QofSession *session)
const gchar * qof_session_get_file_path (QofSession *session)
const gchar * qof_session_get_url (QofSession *session)
gboolean qof_session_not_saved (QofSession *session)
gboolean qof_session_save_may_clobber_data (QofSession *session)
void qof_session_save (QofSession *session, QofPercentageFunc percentage_func)
void qof_session_end (QofSession *session)
void qof_session_add_close_hook (GFunc fn, gpointer data)
void qof_session_call_close_hooks (QofSession *session)
Copying entities between sessions.
Only certain backends can cope with selective copying of entities and only fully defined QOF entities can be copied between sessions - see the QOF Serialisation Format (QSF) documentation (qsf_write_file) for more information.

The recommended backend for the new session is QSF or a future SQL backend. Using any of these entity copy functions sets a flag in the backend that this is now a partial QofBook. See Reference: Referring to entities outside a partial book.. When you save a session containing a partial QofBook, the session will check that the backend is able to handle the partial book. If not, the backend will be replaced by one that can handle partial books, preferably one using the same access_method. Currently, this means that a book using the GnuCash XML v2 file backend will be switched to QSF.

Copied entities are identical to the source entity, all parameters defined with QofAccessFunc and QofSetterFunc in QOF are copied and the GUID of the original QofEntity is set in the new entity. Sessions containing copied entities are intended for use as mechanisms for data export.

It is acceptable to add entities to new_session in batches. Note that any of these calls will fail if an entity already exists in new_session with the same GUID as any entity to be copied.

To merge a whole QofBook or where there is any possibility of collisions or requirement for user intervention, see Merge: Merging QofBook structures

gboolean qof_entity_copy_to_session (QofSession *new_session, QofEntity *original)
 Copy a single QofEntity to another session.
gboolean qof_entity_copy_list (QofSession *new_session, GList *entity_list)
 Copy a GList of entities to another session.
gboolean qof_entity_copy_coll (QofSession *new_session, QofCollection *entity_coll)
 Copy a QofCollection of entities.
gboolean qof_entity_copy_coll_r (QofSession *new_session, QofCollection *coll)
 Recursively copy a collection of entities to a session.
gboolean qof_entity_copy_one_r (QofSession *new_session, QofEntity *ent)
 Recursively copy a single entity to a new session.
Event Handling
gboolean qof_session_events_pending (QofSession *session)
gboolean qof_session_process_events (QofSession *session)

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