qofevent.h File Reference

Detailed Description

QOF event handling interface.

Copyright 2000 Dave Peticolas <dave@krondo.com>

Copyright 2006 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>

Definition in file qofevent.h.

#include "qof.h"

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#define QOF_MAKE_EVENT(x)   (1<<(x))
 Allow application-specific events to be created.
#define QOF_EVENT_BASE   8
Default events for backwards compatibility.
These defaults merely replicate previous behaviour, any process can define their own events.

events 6, and 7 are "undefined" as of v0.6.3 for future libqof1 or libqof2 usage.

#define QOF_EVENT_NONE   (0)
 an entity is about to be modified.
 an entity has been modified.
#define QOF_EVENT_ALL   (0xff)


typedef gint QofEventId
typedef void(* QofEventHandler )(QofEntity *ent, QofEventId event_type, gpointer handler_data, gpointer event_data)
 Handler invoked when an event is generated.


gint qof_event_register_handler (QofEventHandler handler, gpointer handler_data)
 Register a handler for events.
void qof_event_unregister_handler (gint handler_id)
 Unregister an event handler.
void qof_event_gen (QofEntity *entity, QofEventId event_type, gpointer event_data)
 Invoke all registered event handlers using the given arguments.
void qof_event_suspend (void)
 Suspend all engine events.
void qof_event_resume (void)

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