qoferror.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Extensible error handling.

Copyright 2006 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>

Definition in file qoferror.h.

#include "qofsession.h"

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#define QOF_MOD_ERROR   "qof-error-module"
#define QOF_SUCCESS   0
#define QOF_FATAL   -1
 general error value


typedef struct QofError_s QofError


QofErrorId qof_error_register (const gchar *err_message, gboolean use_file)
 Generate and register a new error.
void qof_error_unregister (QofErrorId id)
 Unregister an error.
void qof_error_set (QofSession *session, QofErrorId error)
 Add an error to the stack for this session.
void qof_error_set_be (QofBackend *be, QofErrorId error)
void qof_error_clear (QofSession *session)
 clear the error stack for the session.
QofErrorId qof_error_check_be (QofBackend *be)
 Check for errors.
QofErrorId qof_error_check (QofSession *session)
QofTimeqof_error_get_time_be (QofBackend *be)
 Get the time of the most recent error.
QofTimeqof_error_get_time (QofSession *session)
 Alternative for applications.
QofErrorId qof_error_get_id_be (QofBackend *be)
 Pop the most recent error from the backend stack.
QofErrorId qof_error_get_id (QofSession *session)
 Alternative for applications.
const gchar * qof_error_get_message_be (QofBackend *be)
 Pop the most recent error and get the message.
const gchar * qof_error_get_message (QofSession *session)
 Alternative for applications.

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