qofchoice.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Linking one entity to other entities of many possible types.

Copyright (c) 2005 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>

Definition in file qofchoice.h.

#include "qofclass.h"
#include "qofobject.h"

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#define QOF_TYPE_CHOICE   "choice"
 Identify an object as containing a choice.
gboolean qof_object_is_choice (QofIdType type)
 Does this object contain a choice parameter?
gboolean qof_choice_create (gchar *type)
 Set an object as using QOF_TYPE_CHOICE.
gboolean qof_choice_add_class (gchar *choice, gchar *add, gchar *param_name)
 Add the choices for this parameter to the object.
GList * qof_object_get_choices (QofIdType type, QofParam *param)
 Return the list of all object types usable with this parameter.
gboolean qof_choice_check (gchar *choice_obj, gchar *param_name, gchar *choice)
 Is the choice valid for this param_name?


#define QOF_MOD_CHOICE   "qof-choice"

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