guid.h File Reference

Detailed Description

globally unique ID User API

Copyright (C) 2000 Dave Peticolas <>

Definition in file guid.h.

#include <stddef.h>

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Data Structures

union  _GUID


#define GUID_DATA_SIZE   16


typedef union _GUID GUID


void guid_init (void)
void guid_init_with_salt (const void *salt, size_t salt_len)
void guid_init_only_salt (const void *salt, size_t salt_len)
void guid_shutdown (void)
void guid_new (GUID *guid)
GUID guid_new_return (void)
const GUID * guid_null (void)
GUID * guid_malloc (void)
void guid_free (GUID *guid)
const gchar * guid_to_string (const GUID *guid)
gchar * guid_to_string_buff (const GUID *guid, gchar *buff)
gboolean string_to_guid (const gchar *string, GUID *guid)
gboolean guid_equal (const GUID *guid_1, const GUID *guid_2)
gint guid_compare (const GUID *g1, const GUID *g2)
guint guid_hash_to_guint (gconstpointer ptr)
GHashTable * guid_hash_table_new (void)

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