QOF-backend-SQLite support
[Backends: Permanent storage for QOF entities.]

Detailed Description

The QOF SQLite backend is now mostly functional. This backend is designed for use by embedded systems where libxml2 is too large - other, larger, systems will be able to use a more comprehensive libgda backend that can connect with a variety of databases using plugins.

SQLite is typeless so the types defined for the various QOF parameter types act as more of a guide than a rule.

0.7.3 KVP support - a separate table in the sqlite file in order to support a value, a path and a type for each KvpValue and to support more than one value (more than one frame) per entity. i.e. a relational database arrangement where the entity record contains a reference to the kvp table. That reference id is the GUID of the entity. The KVP table name is preset and created as:
CREATE TABLE sqlite_kvp 
("kvp_id int primary key not null", "guid char(32)", "path mediumtext", "type mediumtext", "value text", 
Entity tables therefore do not contain kvp data. Although the KVP table uses an internal ID number, all lookups are done via the GUID of the entity.


file  qof-sqlite.h
 Public interface of qof-backend-sqlite.


void qof_sqlite_provider_init (void)
 Initialises the SQLite backend.

Function Documentation

void qof_sqlite_provider_init ( void   ) 

Initialises the SQLite backend.

Sets QOF SQLite Backend Version 0.3, access method = sqlite:

The ID in all SQLite tables created by QOF is the GUID of the entity, expressed as a hexadecimal string.

The version number only changes if:

  2. The QofBackendProvider struct is modified in QOF to support new members and SQLite can support the new function, or
  3. The QofBackendOption settings are modified.

Initialises the backend and provides access to the functions that will load and save the data. Initialises default values for the QofBackendOption KvpFrame.

Instance KvpFrames are retrieved and stored as a separate table in the same SQLite file "sqlite_kvp". The primary key is an internal, sequential, identifier that does not need to be exposed. Each KvpValue is one record in the kvp table - frames are just a type of value. Records include fields for the path, type and value of the KvpValue as well as the GUID of the entity that holds the value.

Table name: sqlite_kvp Table values: internal_id, guid_as_string, path, type, value

At present, qof_sqlite has no QofBackendOption options and therefore no strings that are translatable.

Definition at line 1496 of file qof-sqlite.c.

01498 {
01499     QofBackendProvider *prov;
01501     ENTER (" ");
01502     bindtextdomain (PACKAGE, LOCALE_DIR);
01503     prov = g_new0 (QofBackendProvider, 1);
01504     prov->provider_name = "QOF SQLite Backend Version 0.3";
01505     prov->access_method = ACCESS_METHOD;
01506     prov->partial_book_supported = TRUE;
01507     prov->backend_new = qsql_backend_new;
01508     prov->check_data_type = qsql_determine_file_type;
01509     prov->provider_free = qsql_provider_free;
01510     qof_backend_register_provider (prov);
01511     LEAVE (" ");

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