qof-backend-gda outline
[Backends: Permanent storage for QOF entities.]

Detailed Description

This is a prototype only, it is not yet fully functional. This backend is to complement the libxml2 backend and provide full database access for any QOF application without requiring a permanent connection to a real database. A QofBook can be stored in a GDA plugin (mysql, sqlite, postgres or odbc) when available, or XML if not. Data can be queried independently of which backend is in use via QofQuery.

KVP is an anomaly, it may or may not work.

Note that QOF_TYPE_GUID is stored as a string.


file  qof-gda.h
 Public interface of qof-backend-gda.


void qof_gda_provider_init (void)
 Initialises the libgda2 QOF backend.

Function Documentation

void qof_gda_provider_init ( void   ) 

Initialises the libgda2 QOF backend.

Sets QOF GDA Backend Version 0.1, access method = gda:

The ID in all GDA tables created by QOF is the GUID of the entity, expressed as a hexadecimal string.

The version number only changes if:

  2. The QofBackendProvider struct is modified in QOF to support new members and SQLite can support the new function, or
  3. The QofBackendOption settings are modified.

Initialises the backend and provides access to the functions that will load and save the data. Initialises default values for the QofBackendOption KvpFrame.

At present, qof_gda has no QofBackendOption options and therefore no strings that are translatable.

Definition at line 624 of file qof-gda.c.

00625 {
00626     QofBackendProvider *prov;
00628     bindtextdomain (PACKAGE, LOCALE_DIR);
00629     prov = g_new0 (QofBackendProvider, 1);
00630     prov->provider_name = "QOF GDA Backend Version 0.1";
00631     prov->access_method = ACCESS_METHOD;
00632     prov->partial_book_supported = TRUE;
00633     prov->backend_new = qgda_backend_new;
00634     prov->check_data_type = qgda_determine_file_type;
00635     prov->provider_free = qgda_provider_free;
00636     qof_backend_register_provider (prov);
00637 }

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