Event: QOF event handlers.
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file  qofevent.h
 QOF event handling interface.

Default events for backwards compatibility.

These defaults merely replicate previous behaviour, any process can define their own events.

events 6, and 7 are "undefined" as of v0.6.3 for future libqof1 or libqof2 usage.

#define QOF_EVENT_NONE   (0)
 an entity is about to be modified.
 an entity has been modified.
#define QOF_EVENT_ALL   (0xff)


#define QOF_MAKE_EVENT(x)   (1<<(x))
 Allow application-specific events to be created.
#define QOF_EVENT_BASE   8


typedef gint QofEventId
typedef void(* QofEventHandler )(QofEntity *ent, QofEventId event_type, gpointer handler_data, gpointer event_data)
 Handler invoked when an event is generated.


gint qof_event_register_handler (QofEventHandler handler, gpointer handler_data)
 Register a handler for events.
void qof_event_unregister_handler (gint handler_id)
 Unregister an event handler.
void qof_event_gen (QofEntity *entity, QofEventId event_type, gpointer event_data)
 Invoke all registered event handlers using the given arguments.
void qof_event_suspend (void)
 Suspend all engine events.
void qof_event_resume (void)

Define Documentation

#define QOF_EVENT_BASE   8

Allow scope for more defaults in future. Additional event identifiers must be based on this when using QOF_MAKE_EVENT().

Definition at line 57 of file qofevent.h.


an entity has been modified.

Added for QofUndo so that the altered state of an entity can be stored to allow the change to be undone and then redone.


Definition at line 92 of file qofevent.h.


an entity has been created.

Definition at line 71 of file qofevent.h.


an entity is about to be destroyed.

Definition at line 81 of file qofevent.h.


an entity is about to be modified.

In addition to previous usage, can used for QofUndo so that the original state of an entity can be stored before modification to allow the change to be undone and then redone.

Definition at line 79 of file qofevent.h.

#define QOF_EVENT_NONE   (0)

init value - invalid.

Definition at line 69 of file qofevent.h.

#define QOF_MAKE_EVENT (  )     (1<<(x))

Allow application-specific events to be created.

Used together with QOF_EVENT_BASE to simplify creation of application events without interfering with any new events added within QOF.


Definition at line 53 of file qofevent.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* QofEventHandler)(QofEntity *ent, QofEventId event_type, gpointer handler_data, gpointer event_data)

Handler invoked when an event is generated.

ent,: Entity generating the event
event_type,: The id of the event, including additional identifiers and the older defaults.
handler_data,: data supplied when handler was registered.
event_data,: data to be supplied when handler is invoked.

Definition at line 104 of file qofevent.h.

typedef gint QofEventId

Define the type of events allowed.

Definition at line 40 of file qofevent.h.

Function Documentation

void qof_event_gen ( QofEntity entity,
QofEventId  event_type,
gpointer  event_data 

Invoke all registered event handlers using the given arguments.

Certain default events are used by QOF:

Any other events are entirely the concern of the application.

QofEventHandler routines do NOT support generating events from a GUID and QofIdType - you must specify a genuine QofEntity.
entity,: the entity generating the event
event_type,: the name of the event.
event_data,: Data to be passed to the event handler just for this one event. Can be NULL.

Definition at line 292 of file qofevent.c.

00293 {
00294     if (!entity)
00295         return;
00297     if (suspend_counter)
00298         return;
00300     qof_event_generate_internal (entity, event_id, event_data);
00301 }

gint qof_event_register_handler ( QofEventHandler  handler,
gpointer  handler_data 

Register a handler for events.

handler,: handler to register
handler_data,: data provided when handler is invoked
id identifying handler

Definition at line 108 of file qofevent.c.

00109 {
00110     HandlerInfo *hi;
00111     gint handler_id;
00113     ENTER ("(handler=%p, data=%p)", handler, user_data);
00115     /* sanity check */
00116     if (!handler)
00117     {
00118         PERR ("no handler specified");
00119         return 0;
00120     }
00122     /* look for a free handler id */
00123     handler_id = find_next_handler_id ();
00125     /* Found one, add the handler */
00126     hi = g_new0 (HandlerInfo, 1);
00128     hi->handler = handler;
00129     hi->user_data = user_data;
00130     hi->handler_id = handler_id;
00132     handlers = g_list_prepend (handlers, hi);
00133     LEAVE ("(handler=%p, data=%p) handler_id=%d", handler, user_data,
00134         handler_id);
00135     return handler_id;
00136 }

void qof_event_resume ( void   ) 

Resume engine event generation.

Definition at line 200 of file qofevent.c.

00201 {
00202     if (suspend_counter == 0)
00203     {
00204         PERR ("suspend counter underflow");
00205         return;
00206     }
00208     suspend_counter--;
00209 }

void qof_event_suspend ( void   ) 

Suspend all engine events.

This function may be called multiple times. To resume event generation, an equal number of calls to qof_event_resume must be made.

Definition at line 189 of file qofevent.c.

00190 {
00191     suspend_counter++;
00193     if (suspend_counter == 0)
00194     {
00195         PERR ("suspend counter overflow");
00196     }
00197 }

void qof_event_unregister_handler ( gint  handler_id  ) 

Unregister an event handler.

handler_id,: the id of the handler to unregister

Definition at line 139 of file qofevent.c.

00140 {
00141     GList *node;
00143     ENTER ("(handler_id=%d)", handler_id);
00144     for (node = handlers; node; node = node->next)
00145     {
00146         HandlerInfo *hi = node->data;
00148         if (hi->handler_id != handler_id)
00149             continue;
00151         /* Normally, we could actually remove the handler's node from the
00152            list, but we may be unregistering the event handler as a result
00153            of a generated event, such as GNC_EVENT_DESTROY.  In that case,
00154            we're in the middle of walking the GList and it is wrong to
00155            modify the list. So, instead, we just NULL the handler. */
00156         if (hi->handler)
00157             LEAVE ("(handler_id=%d) handler=%p data=%p", handler_id,
00158                 hi->handler, hi->user_data);
00160         if (hi->old_handler)
00161             LEAVE ("(handler_id=%d) handler=%p data=%p", handler_id,
00162                 hi->old_handler, hi->user_data);
00163 #endif
00165         /* safety -- clear the handler in case we're running events now */
00166         hi->handler = NULL;
00168         hi->old_handler = NULL;
00169 #endif
00171         if (handler_run_level == 0)
00172         {
00173             handlers = g_list_remove_link (handlers, node);
00174             g_list_free_1 (node);
00175             g_free (hi);
00176         }
00177         else
00178         {
00179             pending_deletes++;
00180         }
00182         return;
00183     }
00185     PERR ("no such handler: %d", handler_id);
00186 }

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