QOF File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
deprecated.c [code]
deprecated.h [code]Transitional header from libqof1 to libqof2
doxygen_main_page.c [code]
guid.c [code]
guid.h [code]Globally unique ID User API
kvpframe.c [code]
kvpframe.h [code]A key-value frame system
kvputil-p.h [code]Misc odd-job kvp utils engine-private routines
kvputil.c [code]
kvputil.h [code]QOF KVP utility functions
md5.c [code]
md5.h [code]
qof-backend-qsf.h [code]QSF API - Backend, maps, objects and configuration
qof-gda.c [code]Public interface of qof-backend-gda
qof-gda.h [code]Public interface of qof-backend-gda
qof-sqlite.c [code]Public interface of qof-backend-sqlite
qof-sqlite.h [code]Public interface of qof-backend-sqlite
qof.h [code]
qofbackend-p.h [code]Private api for data storage backend
qofbackend.c [code]
qofbackend.h [code]API for data storage Backend
qofbook-p.h [code]Private QofBook interface
qofbook.c [code]
qofbook.h [code]Encapsulate all the information about a dataset
qofbookmerge.c [code]
qofbookmerge.h [code]API for merging two QofBook structures with collision handling
qofchoice.c [code]
qofchoice.h [code]Linking one entity to other entities of many possible types
qofclass-p.h [code]
qofclass.c [code]
qofclass.h [code]API for registering paramters on objects
qofdate-p.h [code]
qofdate.c [code]
qofdate.h [code]64bit Date handling routines
qoferror-p.h [code]
qoferror.c [code]
qoferror.h [code]Extensible error handling
qofevent-p.h [code]
qofevent.c [code]
qofevent.h [code]QOF event handling interface
qofgobj.c [code]
qofgobj.h [code]QOF to GLib GObject mapping
qofid-p.h [code]
qofid.c [code]
qofid.h [code]QOF entity type identification system
qofinstance-p.h [code]
qofinstance.c [code]
qofinstance.h [code]Object instance holds common fields that most QofObjects use
qofla-dir.h [code]
qoflog.c [code]
qoflog.h [code]QOF error logging and tracing facility
qofmath128.c [code]
qofmath128.h [code]
qofnumeric.c [code]
qofnumeric.h [code]An exact-rational-number library for QOF
qofobject-p.h [code]Core Object Registration/Lookup Private Interface
qofobject.c [code]
qofobject.h [code]Core Object Description Interface
qofquery-deserial.c [code]
qofquery-deserial.h [code]
qofquery-p.h [code]
qofquery-serialize.c [code]
qofquery-serialize.h [code]
qofquery.c [code]
qofquery.h [code]Find objects that match a certain expression
qofquerycore-p.h [code]
qofquerycore.c [code]
qofquerycore.h [code]API for providing core Query data types
qofreference.c [code]
qofreference.h [code]Dealing with relationships between entities in partial books
qofsession-p.h [code]
qofsession.c [code]Encapsulate a connection to a storage backend
qofsession.h [code]Encapsulates a connection to a backend (persistent store)
qofsql.c [code]QOF client-side SQL parser - interfaces with libgda
qofsql.h [code]QOF client-side SQL parser, interfacing with libgda
qofstrftime.c [code]
qofstrptime.c [code]
qoftime.c [code]
qoftime.h [code]64bit UTC Time handling routines
qofundo-p.h [code]
qofundo.c [code]
qofundo.h [code]QOF undo handling
qofutil.c [code]
qofutil.h [code]QOF utility functions
qsf-backend.c [code]
qsf-dir.h [code]
qsf-xml-map.c [code]
qsf-xml.c [code]
qsf-xml.h [code]Private QSF header - not for use by applications
test-book-merge.c [code]
test-date.c [code]
test-engine-stuff.c [code]Tools to set up random test data
test-engine-stuff.h [code]This file declares testing functions for the engine
test-event.c [code]
test-guid.c [code]
test-numeric.c [code]
test-object.c [code]
test-querynew.c [code]
test-recursive.c [code]
test-stuff.c [code]
test-stuff.h [code]

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