QofDate and locales.

QofDate range.

A QofDate is theoretically able to go forward to the year 292,471,206,707 AD and back to the year 292,471,206,708 BC (excluding leap years). Whether such dates actually exist is outside the scope of this documentation.

Year Zero does not exist in the Christian Era, the Gregorian calendar or the Julian calendar. A year zero does exist in ISO 8601:2004 and in the astronomical year numbering with a defined year zero equal to 1 BC, as well as in some Buddhist and Hindu lunar calendars.

In QofDate, 1BC is immediately followed by 1AD and months are numbered from 1 to 12, not from zero.

Support for locales.

QofDate supports a wider range of dates than either strftime or GDate and supports all non-locale-specific strftime format specifiers - including GNU extensions like 'N' for nanoseconds - over the full range of QofDate.

However, locale-specific formats cannot be extended to the full range of QofDate dates because the locale data for these formats is only available to the underlying strftime implementation. The formats affected are those involving the E and O modifiers and other format specifiers that use the current locale. e.g. Japanese Emperor reigns, local numeric specifiers, translated days of the week / month etc. If these are used, only dates within the range of the locale-sensitive strftime on that platform can be supported (either inside or outside QofDate). This is not a restriction enforced by QOF, it is a gap in the libc API.

The full list of affected format specifiers is:

 '%a', '%A', '%b', '%h', '%B', '%c', '%C', '%x', '%p', '%P', '%r', '%X', '%E' '%O'.

(Capital letter O, not zero: 0)

QofDate will attempt to fallback to a usable format if the date is out of range of the underlying strftime. e.g. QOF_DATE_FORMAT_UTC, QOF_DATE_FORMAT_UK, QOF_DATE_FORMAT_US, QOF_DATE_FORMAT_CE or QOF_DATE_FORMAT_ISO.

QOF_DATE_FORMAT_LOCALE and QOF_DATE_FORMAT_CUSTOM include locale-specific format specifiers.

It is not particularly sensible to write locale-sensitive date strings to any kind of permanent storage. Locale-specific format specifiers should only be used for displaying dates to the user.

Using QofDate with other date handlers.

Whilst you can use QofDateFormat strings with strftime / strptime and GDate, you must check that the QofDate falls within the range supported by the tool you choose to use and that the format itself is supported:

For comparison:

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